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What is the reason why the automatic locking screw head is easy to be damaged?


What is the reason why the automatic locking screw head is easy to be damaged? The application of automatic locking screw machine machinery and equipment companies all know that the screwdriver head is an automatic locking screw machine machine and equipment is relatively easy to destroy parts and accessories. It is necessary to check or replace the automatic screw machine parts and accessories on time. If there is no immediate replacement of the damaged screwdriver head, it will harm the production and manufacturing of the processing plant. Electric batch head damage is also a widespread problem in many processing plants. If the damaged batch head is carried out again in the case of lock payment, it will be easy to slip teeth or the lock is too loose. How to prevent this kind of situation?

To pay more attention to in the application process of some conditions to prevent automatic lock screw mechanical swarms head too damaged, in the case of tests are adjustable machine to don't have to immediately give electric swarms head immediately lift relatively large torque, otherwise there will be a batch of head and small screw in the middle working pressure and long-term operating electric screwdriver head will be easily damaged and not durable, The torque should be tested to ensure that the torque is the right size.

The second selection of small screw raw materials is also more critical, raw materials do not have to choose solid raw materials if the small screw is harder than the raw materials of the batch head, it will accelerate the damage level of the automatic locking screw machine batch head. Then it is the material quality of the batch head, cheap batch first three or two days without very likely to be damaged. But this kind of situation is not very much, the key is the setting of torque size.

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