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Automation equipment manufacturers introduce the components of the mechanical automation system


Mechanical automation is the earliest automatic control system, is a branch of automation.

The software and hardware of mechanical automation system can be classified as: automation equipment, instrumentation and measurement equipment, automation software, transmission equipment, computer hardware, communication network, etc.

Mechanical automation: Automation refers to the process of automatic operation or control of a machine or device according to a predetermined program or instruction without human intervention, and mechanical automation is the process of automatic control of a machine or device through mechanical means.

Mechanical manufacturing automation professional employment prospects: mainly engaged in the first line of industrial production in the field of mechanical manufacturing design and manufacturing, scientific and technological development, application research, operation management and sales and other aspects of work. Due to the importance and large scale of the machinery industry, a large team of professionals is needed. For some time to come, there will still be a greater demand for mechanical talents. CNC talents with the ability to develop will become the target of competition for enterprises, and the supply and demand ratio of mechanical design, manufacturing and processing professionals in recent years is also very high

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