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A brief introduction to non-standard automation


First, non-standard automation equipment definition:

Non-standard automation refers to non-standard automation equipment customized according to customer needs. Also belongs to the field of automation, the function is tailored according to the process requirements of enterprise users, customized automation machinery and equipment, its operation is convenient, flexible and not single, the function can be added according to the requirements of users, and can be changed. At present, it is often used in industry

, electronics, medical treatment, health and aerospace fields.

Second, the application of automation equipment:

The main industries in which automation equipment is applied: packaging, printing, textile and assembly industries; Manufacturing and installation of auto parts for the automotive industry; Production, transportation and packaging of food industry; Electronic and electrical production line product transportation; Warehousing facilities in the logistics industry are also widely used

Third, classification of non-standard automation equipment:

From the use of functions divided into:

Assembly equipment, test equipment, inspection equipment, etc

Automatic assembly machine refers to a number of parts of the product through tight fitting, fastening, thread connection, bonding, riveting, welding and other ways to combine together to get a finished product (semi-finished product) that meets the predetermined dimensional accuracy and function.

Automatic Assembly Machine

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